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We believe the body is one of the most elegant and advanced creations on this planet. The body knows how to heal itself and thrive. This process may be impeded, however, when diseases are present. There are six major areas which are important to address in order to achieve optimal health. They include Neurology, Structure, Nutrition, Immune Function, Detox, and Emotional well-being.

Our goal is to seek out the root of the problem in each of these areas, and not just focus on symptoms.

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The nervous system is the master regulator and main communicator of the body. When there is a breakdown in this vital communication system you get symptoms like pain, weakness, tingling, loss of function, loss of motion, headaches, sensation changes, loss of balance, poor memory, aberrant emotions, digestive issues and more. In our clinic, we test the major nerves of your body using muscle testing techniques taught in Quantum Neurology. If any weaknesses are found we will address them with adjustments to the spine and cranium. We will also use advanced low-level light therapy to support the nervous system. You can find more information at:


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Closely tied to our neurology is the importance of maintaining structural balance. A well-aligned body allows for proper neurological communication to our bones, muscles, and organs, as well as providing strength and vitality. Our bodies are meant to move, requiring healthy joints that can glide and pivot without interference. Even our cranial bones should be able to move a small amount. Through proper chiropractic care we can thrive in the freedom of mobility without pain.

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We live in a very nutritionally deficient world. Even though we are eating more food than any civilization in recorded history, we are still starving for nutrients. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease and many others illnesses are related to diet and malnutrition. Statistics show that half the children born in the US after 2000 will become type 2 diabetics, and currently, 68.9% of the population is overweight, half of these falling into the obesity range. This is the sad truth of our current society.

At Well Within we believe in helping you live a healthier lifestyle that will give you the freedom to live without disease.

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Immune Function

Food sensitivities and other immune imbalances can be the culprit in the cause of your chronic illnesses. Food sensitivities are on the rise and do not always come with the ofttimes expected “stomach pain.” Some of the most frequent symptoms we have seen correlate to food sensitivities include fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and headaches, to name just a few. Identifying potential food sensitivities can bring massive improvements to your overall health and symptomatology.

Your immune system is constantly fighting infections that are evolving and adapting to stay hidden in your body. Many of these infections are what we call “subclinical.” You won’t be throwing up or stuck in the bathroom all day, but you may be experiencing fatigue, aches, unexplained anxiety, cyclical digestive disturbances and more.

Because of the far-reaching effects of these kinds of immune system imbalances, we feel that it is vital to educate our patients on holistic methods for maintaining optimal immune health.

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We live in an extremely toxic environment. It is estimated that the average person eats their own body weight in pesticides and herbicides every year! Add in heavy metals, petroleum products, perfumes, artificial food additives and the hundreds of other chemicals out there and you get large toxic loads that may be responsible for making you very sick. It’s important that your body can efficiently and adequately remove the things that shouldn’t be inside of it. This process can become “backed up” or inhibited, and your body may need assistance to once again gain balance.

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Emotional Health

Addressing your emotional well-being is just as vital to your physical health as it is to your mental health. Imbalances in stress levels can make you sick and cause any number of physical symptoms in addition to psychological effects. Because of this, we have trained in the cutting edge treatment called the NeuroEmotional Technique (NET). This mind-body technique pinpoints the underlying stressors that create chronic health problems. NET’s methodology is to target and help the body recover from neurological-emotional imbalances. NET is a unique approach to improving health.

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