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Massage Therapy

Our very own in-house massage therapist is just a call away to help release the tension in your muscles. Massage therapy has many benefits! See just a few of them below!

  • Lowers stress — massage has been known to promote relaxation and decrease the stress hormones in the body.
  • Helps improve circulation — massage is a manipulation of the muscle and fascia which while encouraging blood flow bringing oxygen to the tissues. This will also allow the oxygen to take the body's toxins from the periphery to the proper organs to be eliminated.
  • Reduces pain — massage therapy works well for both acute and chronic pain. Over time, regular sessions can help reduce pain or may even prevent it from reoccurring again in the future.
  • Improved posture — massage therapy can help the body adopt a healthy posture by allowing the muscles to move more freely and relieve pressure points. Muscles are attached to bones and when muscles become tight can pull those bones out of place. It is important to ensure your muscles are functioning properly.
  • It helps clear out toxins from the body — getting regular massages can help flush out the lactic acid and other nutritional byproducts that build up in muscles with use.
  • Helps people sleep better — people who sleep poorly are more prone to various chronic conditions and diseases. Massage can be very relaxing and therefore promote better sleep.
  • Decreases frequency of migraines — clinically, massage has shown success in migraine sufferers better manage their pain. During a study, migraine sufferers who received massage therapy had a 34% reduction in migraines during the weeks following the therapy.
  • Lower blood pressure — studies have shown that massage therapy may reduce blood pressure and the positive effect can last up to 72 hours after the massage. Furthermore, repeating massages over several weeks can lead to an overall reduction in blood pressure compared to those who do not receive massages.