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Anxiety & Stress

Do you ever feel anxious? Do you frequently feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Is your emotional well-being interfering with your ability to have a fulfilled and healthy life? Constant worry, anxiety attacks, and blanket diagnoses like “generalized anxiety” have triggers that need to be addressed, and sources that need to be ascertained.

Anxiety and the loss of your emotional well-being are typically more than just what’s going on in your head. Large contributors to these symptoms can be nutritional deficiencies, neurotransmitter or hormone imbalances, emotional or physical trauma, infections or toxic overload.

Medications can be taken to dull these symptoms and help you cope - they may even be necessary at times - but at Well Within, we believe it is your right to know there may be other options, and that healing is possible, returning you to an emotional feeling of normalcy.

Come learn about holistic methods for managing stress and let us support your body’s resilience.

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