Chronic Joint Pain

Inflammation. Inflammation. Inflammation. If you suffer from chronic joint pain, chances are you’ve heard this word more than you care to, and you may not feel that you fully understand it. It probably doesn’t feel like it does justice to the discomfort and difficulty that it causes in your life.

While it is absolutely true that inflammation is likely the culprit of your pain, a diagnosis ending in “itis” still only tells us what the symptom is. “Arthr-itis” tells us that there is “joint”-“inflammation.” But what is causing that inflammation?

Pain is your body’s warning signal that there is something wrong. We want to help you understand that signal and be a part of the team helping you find an answer. Doing so will give your body the best chance at health as well as the best chance to prevent further damage.

Whether the inflammation is from an injury or from an unknown source there is always an underlying cause that is inhibiting your body from healing like it was designed to. You may need your nerves rehabilitated or your structure adjusted. You may need to replenish your body’s nutrients to provide the building blocks for healing, or you might need to eliminate the toxicity that is perpetuating the inflammatory reaction. You might even need to address a trauma-related stress from the event of injury. You might need a little of all of these. Whatever the treatment will include, it will be specific to your body’s needs and administered with the same consideration.

Come let us take a look, and see how we can help.

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