Chronic depression can develop for many reasons, and often by the time it is diagnosed it can be hard to know how it came about. Chronic depression is neither a completely psychological condition nor a purely physical condition. Depression from emotional circumstances will affect the body, and depression from physical imbalances will affect you emotionally. This makes it clear that to fully recover from depression we need to address all the possible contributors.

Nutritional imbalances can prevent the body from producing the needed chemicals and hormones for normal emotional balance. Toxicity, whether from metals, foods or infections, can do this as well. Even traumas, such as concussions, can leave residual damage that interferes with the body’s natural processing of emotions.

Your body and your emotions cannot be separated, so that a healthier body can mean healthier emotional wellbeing. Come learn about holistic methods for living with greater emotional health.

We are very sensitive to the use of medications for depression. Our hope is that all our patients using medications for their emotional wellness will be able to come off of them and have happy balanced lives without chemical assistance. We encourage our patients to work with their medical doctors to manage their medications.

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