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Headaches & Migraines

Tension, migraine, throbbing, sharp, aching, pulsing, cluster, nauseating, “the normal kind”

Headaches come in a wide variety, but we want you to know that there is nothing “normal” about chronic headaches. Headaches are not meant to be a regular part of your body’s function.

Headaches, like all symptoms, are an indication of an underlying imbalance in your body. As many of our patients attest, it is not always simple to find what that imbalance is. Headaches can come from weaknesses in your neurology caused by head trauma during sports, during play, or from car collisions. They can come from food sensitivities, or from chemical sensitivities to cleaners or perfumes. They can even come from hormonal imbalances or stress. When headaches are really out of control, they are usually caused by an assortment of these imbalances and exposures.

It sounds daunting, but we approach headaches the same way we approach all health concerns. We utilized our clinical experience and our specialized techniques to educate you and help you find relief.

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