Metabolic & Hormonal Issues

The word “metabolism” has been misunderstood and often attributed to one factor: weight. However, while weight can be an indicator of the state of your metabolic health, there is much more involved with this vital process of the body than our physical appearance. It is a process by which we either thrive or decline.

Your body’s metabolism actually refers to your body’s energy system and it includes numerous organs, not an ambiguous process that is arbitrarily “fast” in some people and “slow” in others. Your body’s ability to create and maintain energy is regulated by your thyroid, your adrenals, your blood sugar balance, your male/female hormone producing organs, and your brain!

With so many working parts, it is not hard to fathom that the metabolism can develop imbalances and thus create symptoms in numerous ways.

Some of the most common imbalances manifest in the thyroid and male/female hormone systems. You may be one of the many individuals who has had their thyroid tested - because all the symptoms correlate - only to have the labs come back “normal.” This is pretty common for testosterone labs in male hormone concerns too. While it’s great your labs don’t fall into a clinically low or high state, we believe that your body should function optimally, and that requires looking at labs a little differently. We consider a “functional range” that gives us insight into what is happening in your body, so we can help educate you about your health.

Come learn about holistic methods for achieving optimal health.

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